5 Reasons Software Companies Should Consider Dedicated Teams

Given all of the shortcomings of the traditional outsourcing model, from poor quality to delivery time delays to other considerations such as lack of control, there is a clear need for a new and sustainable method.

While outsourcing is a classic customer-supplier approach, Offshore allows you to establish a new business hub or facility that is specifically dedicated to specializing in the product or service that you want to supply.

Offshoring can be done as a parent-child relationship. Offshoring also provides a middle road by allowing ISVs to have a dedicated team rather than an outsourced team that is always changing.

Engaging a dedicated team from a reputed offshoring partner is the plan that is recommended implement for a small to mid-sized ISV organization to achieve success with their offshoring ambitions. This is because of the importance of offshoring.

Although a profitable and effective business model, it takes a significant amount of time and hard work to identify the ideal partner, set up a dedicated team that is specialized to your needs, and then get them on board and par with your in-house team.

But, after you’ve accomplished this and established a relationship with a dependable service provider who possesses both extensive industry knowledge and software experience, you’re in for the long haul.

Here are the Top Five Reasons Why Engaging Dedicated Software Development Teams is so Effective

Project Based vs Product Based Offshore Development: An offshoring company will often offer you, software engineers, to work on your project in a normal project-based situation. However, these engineers can be transferred to different customer teams as needed. As a result, each time team members are relocated, you will have to invest time and attention in grooming and training the new team members, which will have a negative influence on your product roadmap.

Having dedicated teams helps you to extend your operations and have a staff dedicated entirely to your product throughout its lifecycle. You would also have ultimate control over the team to ensure excellent quality, on-time delivery, and peak performance.

Cost-Effectiveness: There are usually no fixed expenditures or hidden overhead charges when using a dedicated team strategy. A dedicated staff works in total accordance with the client’s procedures and expectations, ensuring the most cost-effective product. Furthermore, because the customer has access to highly qualified, experienced, and carefully selected resources, he does not need to invest heavily in training or problem resolution.

Quality: The engaging customer hires a dedicated team directly, and all subsequent operations of the team are directly monitored by the customer. This level of control has a favorable impact on the finished product and its quality.

Transparency: Communication channels are kept open with the devoted team approach. Offshoring is no longer simply outsourcing a portion of work to an unknown, faceless crew. Instead, it becomes personal, bringing accountability and duty with it.

The processes used are identical to those used in-house and are determined by the client. This method enables the customer the freedom to align the dedicated team’s culture with that of his organization, as well as the ability to set expectations per business standards.

On-Time Deliverables: The team is dedicated to your product and cannot be reassigned, and the team and the customer have close communication and collaboration. These elements work together to reduce the chance of deliverables being late.The dedicated team development method recognizes that requirements cannot be set in stone at the start of product development. It usually takes an agile approach, which proves to be a cost and time-effective technique in the long term. Engaging a specialized team for your software product development might result in a win-win approach for your Independent Software Company if mutually beneficial cooperation is established early on.

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