How to Develop EV Charging Station Locator App: Cost & Features

The slogan of ‘Go Green’ is consistent all around the world because of the carbon emission and harm being caused to the environment. One of the biggest steps in saving the environment is the prevalence of electric vehicles (EV). These vehicles are gaining popularity over the last few years for several reasons, such as they emit zero carbon and don’t pollute the environment, save energy and fuel, are cost-efficient, etc. 

Let’s discuss and understand exactly what an EV charging app is, how it works, why to invest in an EV charging station app development, key features to integrate, and how much it costs to create such an application. 

What is an Electric Vehicle Charging App?

This is a mobile app for the owners of electric vehicles to find the nearby charging stations for their cars or other vehicles. It is a flexible application that helps in looking out for the charging stations according to the location of the user, booking slots available at the nearby station, waiting time, charging fee, and many more aspects. 

For instance, there are five EV charging stations within the range of 5 miles; the car owner can choose to get his vehicle charges from the station that offers the best service in terms of payment, waiting time, and other factors. Moreover, he can pay for the charging right from within the app. If a nearby station remains crowded, the user can also book a charging slot in advance using the app. It will save him from waiting in the long queues at the EV charging station.

Working of EV Charging Locator App

The working of an EV charging stations finder app is quite simple.

  • The user or the car owner registers on the app with his phone number, email, password, address, or rapidly with a social account.
  • After registration, the user needs to enter his location or allow the app to access the geolocation. This will help in showing the nearby charging stations according to the location of the user.
  • User browses the nearby locations, sees main information about the station, like pricing, description, photos, availability, compatible EV, etc. 
  • Based on the preferences, the user can book a slot in advance to save time. Or he can visit the station and get the vehicle charged.
  • If the user has booked the slot through the app, he can monitor the charging progress and level in the app. 
  • The user views the amount to be paid and can pay right through the app or to the charging station. 

What Makes EV Charging Station Location Finder App So Popular?

If you are looking to start an electric vehicle charging station business, then your first move must be to start with an online presence. For this purpose, you can get an EV charging station locator application developed and reach more EV users or drivers efficiently. The app will bring in more customers, entice them, and generate high revenue for your business. 

The application would spare owners of electric vehicles from lengthy lines at recharge stations. You may easily use your smartphone to pick your chosen charging time slot and charge your car on time by getting at the charging station. It does not need to wait in a queue that saves time for them.

Along with these, electric vehicle owners will find plenty of more benefits with an EV charging station app. With the application, you will be able to keep a track of some crucial statistics and analytics for your EV charging station business. 

These stats and analytics include profits earned per day, total consumption of electricity daily/weekly/monthly, information of the vehicle owners, centralized payment details and transactions, etc.

Features to Integrate into EV Charging Stations App

User Sign-Up

After downloading and installing the app, the user needs to register with the app with his phone number, email address, and password. To make this process more efficient and quicker, you can allow them to register with their Google Account or other social media handles.

Profile creation

The user can edit his profile and make changes to it. For instance, he can add his vehicle model and number, name, profile photo, etc.


To show the nearby charging stations, the app needs to access the location of the user’s smartphone. 

Additionally, if a user wants to search the chargers available in an area manually, he should be able to enter the preferred location and see the right options.

Nearby charging stations:

The mobile app will show the recharge stations closest to the user based on the location retrieved via the app or input by the user. The purpose of the display is to assist users to save time and electricity to visit a recharge station.

Station details: 

While browsing the nearby EV charging stations, the app should show the relevant information about the specific stations. This information can include the name of the station, the car models compatible with the station, pricing, address, photos, reviews, and ratings, etc. It will help users to get the charging done from their preferred station.

Slot booking:

After deciding on the charging station through the app, the user can book a time slot in advance to get his car charged. This is a handy feature meant to save a lot of time for the user, especially when the stations remain crowded. The booking through the app will prevent him from waiting in long queues.

Rating & review:

After getting their EV charged, the car owner can rate their experience and write a review about the station. The ratings and reviews help other users to know the quality of service and other aspects of a station. If you share a negative review, the station can work on improving the required things.

Multiple payment options:

You must integrate multiple payment methods in your EV charging station locator app so that users can make payments with their preferred method. For instance, you can allow them to pay with a debit/credit card, PayPal, UPI, e-wallet mobile apps, etc.

Billing history:

It is important for car owners to know the power they consume and the cost they spend on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. For this, the app should have a feature to track the bookings with power charged and the amount of payment made by the user.

AI-based Chatbot:

The queries that the chatbot can’t answer can be transferred to a human support executive.


Hope this write-up helped you learn about the various aspects of the EV charging stations app. If you are looking to invest in such an idea, you must know about the working of the app, business model, top competitors, user expectations, market trends, and required costs. 

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