Are AWS certifications worth it? Here’s how DevOps specialists can benefit

What is AWS certification?

In a nutshell, AWS certification is a document stating that you know what you’re doing as far as Amazon Web Services products are concerned. You can publicly show it off and anyone interested in hiring you can check its authenticity. Ain’t that complicated.

The decently part is the key here, as the certification confirms you have the required knowledge and basic skills to apply that knowledge in real projects. It won’t tell in detail though how good you are or how fast you work. So please bear that in mind, no matter if you’re an employee or an employer.

AWS certification benefits for you and your software company

Structuring what you already know

You’re such a pro that the AWS certification preparations won’t teach you anything new. That’s okay but it will, at the very least, help you to organize your knowledge in theory and practice and apply some structure to it. And who knows, maybe you don’t know everything after all.

Boosting the esteem in the community

We can deny it as much as we want, but it won’t change the fact that having some AWS badges on your profile (especially the higher ones), will get you some extra kudos from others in the software development community. 

Marketing advantage

Being able to brag about having a lot of employees with the official AWS certifications is massive. It can give the organization an edge and help beat the competition, as clients do consider that factor when entering a contract. I’ve seen a lack of official AWS partnership being a deal-breaker in my career before. Shame to lose a project over something so easy to get.

Higher hourly rates

If the company offers someone as experienced as an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, then that specialist’s cost will be higher than the hourly rate for a comparable employee without that certification. That means more money in the company!

Eliminating the need to prove the skills over and over

A trivial and strictly practical thing – clients often want to talk to the people they will be working with. If those DevOps engineers have some AWS exams passed, the whole process will be a lot quicker because the clients will rarely doubt their qualifications.

No more proving you know your cloud

If you qualify for anything, your chances of being asked detailed questions regarding the scope of that certificate are low. If you pass the exam, no one will be able to question your knowledge or abilities. Even if you’re asked for some technical details, it’ll almost certainly be a case of “just to be sure” or “let’s hear from the expert.”

You (usually) don’t have to pay for it.

Software companies are more than eager to cover the costs of the AWS certifications. It’s a great benefit for them too (as you’ll learn in a moment) so I doubt it very much you’ll have to pay from your pocket.

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