How an App Like Clubhouse Can Boost Your Employees’ Productivity and Satisfaction

It has always been challenging for midsize and large enterprises with 2,000 or more employees to ensure and maintain employees’ engagement, devotion to the company, and job satisfaction.

Why is the idea behind Clubhouse promising for internal corporate communication?

You might be wondering how the now-famous Clubhouse social network, which is built on voice communication, pertains to resolving communication issues within a company. We won’t go into how to make an app like Clubhouse in this article. The goal of this article is to assist your business in using the basic principle behind this audio chat software. Two examples are provided below to help you understand which features of this audio-only software you can use to improve your company’s processes.

Improve day-to-day work

The Clubhouse experience applies to ensuring smooth and timely communication and knowledge sharing between coworkers. The Clubhouse model can also help with maintaining friendly relationships. Under pandemic conditions, a lack of team cohesion might cause isolation and loneliness among remote employees. Let’s see what the voice-based social network can teach us about boosting employees’ day-to-day productivity and job satisfaction.

Live communication 

The clubhouse has recognized the value of spontaneous communication and that spontaneity doesn’t mean interrupting a person’s life or work. People decide when to dive into social relationships. In a corporate setting, the idea of at-will socialization can be applied to things like morning coffee talks and interest groups.

Quick calls

People have seen how rapidly they can get into a voice discussion in the clubhouse. Most planned meetings may be avoided if workers can promptly contact the appropriate coworkers to address issues. Most job difficulties may be resolved without the need for a scheduled meeting or extensive text message.

Ongoing collaborative work

Clubhouse transmits the vibe of maintaining a connection and sharing knowledge between the public and opinion leaders. This idea can be applied in corporate settings by providing employees with online tools for collaborative, uninterrupted work and easy access to teammates. People can work together on the same project with the ability to clarify details and solve issues as they appear. 

Improve scheduled events

What software do you use for online calls? The most common answers include popular online conferencing services like Zoom and Google Meet. But such services limit the number of meeting participants to between 100 and 1,000. An enterprise with over 1,000 employees can’t use them to conduct company results presentations or organize large-scale training. 

Web streaming technologies allow a host to broadcast to a large number of people, however, the feeds are frequently delayed by seconds. Such technologies also don’t allow for two-way audio or video engagement, which means that just one participant is speaking while the others are listening.

On the contrary, Clubhouse allows for delivering high-quality audio to all users and can host up to one million users in a room. Moreover, during a chat, any listener can become the speaker and engage in conversation. 

Users of the voice-only social networking app may also use features including muting, in-room reporting, and the raise a hand functionality, which allows a listener to request to speak. Users can activate notifications to receive notice when topics that they may be interested in are currently happening.

How to implement a similar app tailored to your corporate needs

Let’s get down to technical peculiarities to consider when building a stable, secure, and scalable company communication solution. In the modern world, it’s inefficient to develop complex communication software from scratch. Based on our experience and cost estimates, the most cost-effective and time-saving approach would be to create the most suitable architecture and use third-party solutions. 

Extra features you can add to your system

  • The Around video call solution helps users add tiny round video windows over their screens to promptly speak with coworkers while most of their desktop stays focused on their actual work.
  • Voice channels in the Discord app allow teams to work on the same job at the same time. At any moment, participants can unmute themselves and address work-related matters.
  • Screen, a screen-sharing app, provides a widget that can launch a collaborative screen share. Participants can code, design, and write together in the shared window.

We hope that this article assists your company in expanding its possibilities. Within your corporate communication system, you may add various features, integrations, and design techniques based on your company’s demands.

TechNeos Solutions has experience building custom voice chat applications, secure social media platforms, media streaming services, and cloud communication solutions. We’ll gladly help you choose the most suitable tech stack and develop the solution we described in this article, onboard your staff, and provide further software maintenance and support. 

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